Our Solid Development Process Combined with World-Class Engineering is Responsible for our Rapid Development and Deployment Service of any Size Project

Our Process

Our software development process is iterative and incremental in nature i.e., the Agile Way of Working. Thus the problem will be revisited several times getting closer and closer to the required solution and the software is built and delivered in pieces or increments. Each increment will be fully coded and tested where the iteration will not need to be revisited. Our Agile team will work collaboratively among themselves and with customers which will help to prioritize the business needs and satisfy customers through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.

Agile and Technology Driven Project Stages


Discovery, Concepting & Strategy

We start each project with a solid strategy so that a clear value is established to build the solution. We will understand the business needs and share our thoughts and experiences. Together, we will conceptualize the proper solution that needs to be built.

  • Analyze the nature of the project by extracting the client needs
  • Feasibility study and identify if there any challenges
  • Refine ideas and find the way to improve the application features

Requirement Specification and Documentation

Our experienced team of Business Analysts will collect information on the complete requirements for a system and describe what the application will do and how it will be expected to perform. .

  • Complete product roadmap
  • Requirement and system specification
  • Requirement document creation

Use Case Analysis and Information Architecture

In this stage, we will examine the types of users who will be accessing the application, the types of information they will be accessing, how they will access that information, and in what form that information will take. .

  • User stories creation
  • Create the overall functional and technical design of the new solution

Designing of the System

Once we are clearly understood and documented the final requirements, we will move to the next stage which involves the design of the system. We use the elements gathered during project initiation, coupled with the use cases and information architecture to create the overall look, and feel of the application. .

  • Designing of the user interface
  • User experience design
  • System architecture design

Technical Design & Development

This stage involves turning the structured design into a bespoke working solution. We will write readable yet efficient code by following the best practices and coding standards for your application. .

  • Finalization of technology stack and environment which is most suitable for the development
  • Configure the cloud infrastructure and development instance
  • Custom theme creation from the final visual design templates
  • Software coding and development

Testing & Quality Assurance

We ensure your application works perfectly without any issues which improves higher user experience. Over each phase, we verify the functionalities and validate the app features and performance with the requirement.

  • Unit, integration, and system testing
  • Quality acceptance testing
  • Security and performance testing
  • Usability and compatibility testing

Deployment & Production Roll-out

The important and final stage of every project. We will deploy the changes to production and make your application live once the final solution is tested and accepted by the client. .

  • Configuration of production server
  • Deployment and roll-out plan
  • Deploy the changes to production from staging instance
  • Deployment test and application performance monitoring

CI/CD, Application Maintenance and Support

We provide next-gen application maintenance and support services meant for the smooth functioning of the business process. We will have a CI/CD pipeline to frequently deliver features to customers by introducing automation into the application development process. .

  • Round-the-clock support to maximize the application availability
  • DevOps with CI/CD pipeline
  • Cloud resource optimization
  • Application performance and security monitoring

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